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Who Is Your Property Manager?

Whether you are planning to change companies due to unsatisfactory performance, or looking to get started for the first time, you need to ask yourself this.

As we began our own research, we realized there was a market here that could utilize the type of quality we put out there. With that, AQM opened an office here and has been growing ever since. Please visit our Rental Management Page to see what everyone is talking about.

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Want to Know What Your Property Manager May Not Be Telling You?

Strangers are in Your Home When it is Vacant...We cannot stress enough about this. Who is showing your home when it is vacant?  We hear about other companies handing out keys to prospects and letting them go look at your property on their own, unsupervised. Or, giving them a code to a lockbox to enter by themselves. This leaves your property so vulnerable to vandalism, or worse-a squatter situation where you then have to follow the legal procedure and start a costly and timely eviction process-all while earning no income on your property. Do not take the risk. Homes that are a part of an AQM Portfolio are shown personally with a Licensed Agent. An authentic presence is always created on the sales and management level when representing your home.

Choose An Original.

AQM leads the industry by changing the face of Residential Property Management…Streamlining processes to maximize your return. An innovation that seems new to others, but has been our successful approach for years.

Your Numbers Will Speak For Themselves.

For over 5 years now, AQM has cornered the market on achieving above market rents for our investors. We are not just proud of placing a tenant in an investment property….we go a step further and make sure you are receiving the maximum amount of monthly rent on your investment. We welcome you to check out other management companies and compare. View our available properties list and compare it to other companies. You will see comparable homes renting for higher within our firm than others. We take it a step further with detailed accounting reported monthly with personal summaries that cater to your investment model. Read on under rental services to learn more.

Our Client Agreements Are Not For Sale

We get calls and formal letters regularly asking us if we are willing to sell our business to other management firms. Our answer is always no. We are not for sale and never will be.

Make sure any company you are considering is not going to sell your agreement to another firm and you are left working with someone you have had no chance to check into their work ethic.

We have a strong list of clientele and investors who committed to us because of what we put out there by way of excellent service, communication and profitability to their portfolio.

We take that very seriously.

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Welcome to the Way Your Investment Should Be Managed. Welcome to AQM.

Loyal to our Las Vegas market, we pride ourselves in our communication. Your Property Manager is readily available. Have a question? Call or send us an email. Is it after hours or on the weekend? Feel free to text us. Your questions need to be answered. This is just the beginning to our customer service approach and living up to our company mission statement. Think of this when considering other property management companies. Visit our About Us Page to learn more.

How Do We Define Our Distinction?

Innovative and energetic with a direct approach on management style with proven results. Knowledgeable in our field with impeccable customer service. That is what makes us distinctly different. That is what makes us AQM…your Premier Full Service Las Vegas Property Management Firm.

Karen R.

Albuquerque, NM



"Great experience! Samuel was quick, efficient, knowledgeable, and available! He made our introduction to leasing our property as trouble free as possible. Highly recommend AQM."



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It Is Time to Buy a Home.

Ready to Buy? First time home Buyer? Downsizing?  Or, perhaps you have outgrown your current home and need more space. We are here to streamline this process for you. We pay attention, and we will get you set up to receive listings right away specific to what you are looking for. We will not waste your time showing you homes you do not want or working to convince you on something else we believe you may want. While we are happy to make suggestions.  We listen…the first time…to what you are looking for to get out there and see what is available. We get excited with you, and share an overall passion in shopping for your new home because we love what we do. And once we find the home you are ready to move on, we get you an amazing deal. Click here to learn more about our process in finding you the perfect place to call home.

Perhaps you are Interested in purchasing a new construction home? We have spent a large amount of time previewing and studying what they offer and how they differ. Click here to learn more.

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Ready to Sell? We Were Born Ready.

With AQM Residential, we sell an experience. Our goal is mutual success. Don’t be sold on a national company name that does not have time to give your home the individual attention it needs to sell effectively. Click here to learn more on choosing a Broker by their individual track record verses the reputation of their Brokerage name. That is who will be selling and marketing your home, you want them to have the ability to do so.

AQM Residential is ready to sell your home. With specifications in hyper-local marketing we can get your home listed, be knowledgeable of your neighborhood on all levels and put a marketing plan together to get your home noticed. We are connected on national and international levels with investors who just may be interested in purchasing your home now. With customized strategies suited for your home specifically, we develop a solid marketing plan to get your home sold.

A Broker offering a discount does not always deliver. We take great pride in the service we put out there and follow through and fulfill all obligations, which is why we never sell a home for under the standard commission fee. If you have an agent offering you this, something in the selling process is getting sacrificed.

What 3 things should be most important to you in choosing a Broker to sell your Home? Click here to learn about this and more.

Call Today and AQM Will Help You.

Go Green

Careers at AQM

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We offer investors innovative and customized programs that translate into measurable results. Our high tenant retention rate averages over two years per tenant. Our low vacancy rate is less than 1% annually. This coupled with above market rents and an aggressive pro-active approach to your property’s customized maintenance timeline, your investment portfolio with AQM has no choice but to succeed, and we would not have it any other way.

Are you selling or buying? You have our professional experts full attention and we are ready to perform.

This is why we are proud to be a recognized distinction in the Industry among top investors who insist on quality service with proven results. The real estate market does not have time for anything less. Call or email us today.

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